Cody wraps production on new EP, kicks this off with Arkansas show

After a long, soul-searching break from performing and writing, I am releasing my first main-stream Country project. Honestly, I haven't done it sooner out of fear of rejection. I just knew I would be laughed off of music row (here in Nashville) so I decided to bury that dream in the back yard. BUT- times they are a changing, and I felt my soul pulling me toward my biggest fear. So I dug it up, dusted it off, and decided to take a leap of faith. I'm finally to place in my life where I'm less interested in what will or won't happen, and more interested in writing and singing what I damn well want to write and sing! There's a chance you'll like it, and I really hope you do. 

Just like all my beginnings, I'm debuting this thing back home in Arkansas. Details are listed under the "tour" section of this site.