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Love Drunk Crazy

by Cody Belew

Cody is the South


 It wraps itself around every word he speaks slowing down the rhythm of words. Then sets them to a hum not unlike that of what fills the space of a July evening in his native Arkansas. He learned how to fish about the time he learned how to ride a horse. Not too long after that he figured out lightening bugs lived longer outside a mason jar than they did inside- banging against the glass.

With “Love, Drunk, Crazy,” Cody is finally bending to the will of the fabric he’s made from, that made him. 

“It’s time. I’ve done plenty of other things, and sang plenty of other songs. But I couldn’t ignore what my soul wanted any longer,” says the singer of this EP.

With these five songs we get to the heart of Cody with tracks like “Live Like Yesterday.” We also hear a little Motown influence with “You Got That Something,” and a lesson learned with the Tom Petty cover, “Even the Losers.” Just like a lightening bug, Cody is best outside of the jar. He shines a little brighter that way. 



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